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nancy and phillip garrido as they zero in on children. >> a daytime curfew for public- school students. details straight ahead. kron 4 morning news at 6:00 a.m. starts now. >> here is the san mateo bridge. it is overcast and foggy. a gloomy look. just to the south in san jose the picture is a lot better. here, you can see the visibility is much improved. low cloud cover is there but the fog is not a big factor. we have to fall along the coast and the san mateo bridge. this afternoon will continue to be cool and below normal. we will hold on to the weather pattern for the next five days. expect warmer weather to begin next week. full details coming up and a full
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weather report in a little bit. >> the bay area commute, it is hot spot freeze so far this morning. your ride on the bay bridge is not a bad one at all. let's take a look as you can see a little backup for the westbound commute. it is slow from the first over crossing as you head west. we have an incident free on the upper deck. the drive time from the quarter based in san francisco is nine minutes. >> the case that spotlighted on airline travel dress code and alleged racial profiling is coming to an end. late last month prosecutors in san mateo city will not go after the san francisco man deshon marman was initially confronted and then removed from an airplane for wearing sagging pants. for more on this will tran has more alive at sfo. >> i just got off the phone with the san mateo can teach this attorney, the reason they
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decided not to go after deshon marman is simply because they did nothing they could get a conviction. have they brought this case before jurors, the jurors would have said why am i even hearing this? he also talked about the cross dresser. i asked if that played a role of all in the decision. he said even if i never saw the picture of the cross dressing man, it basically confirmed, seeing that picture, that he is making the right decision. this all started several weeks ago when deshon marman was flying back to new mexico from san francisco to attend a friend's funeral. allegedly his pants were sagging, no passengers complained, he sat in his seat, nonetheless an employee came up to him and told him to pull up his pants. by the way that is not why he got in trouble, he got in trouble for resisting arrest as well as trespassing.
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we did get a chance to speak with some travelers this morning coming here is what they have to say. >> i thought it was the right thing to do. it is someone special preference. he was not a real danger to anyone. i do not think it is a big deal. i do not think it should have been blown up like this. >> as far as that kind of attire, if you saw someone with sagging pants, if you saw his buttocks, with the body? >> not at all. i just would not look >> here is why the naacp got involved as well as the san francisco supervisor, a couple of days after that incident it was revealed that this man also flew a u.s. airways for quite
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some time, he is a cross dresser and was never approached by an airline employee despite several complaints by passengers. that shed light on the discrepancy and alleging racial profiling. according to prosecutors steve wax that he said he wished he did not see that picture but nonetheless it had nothing to do with his decision on not to go after deshon marman. coming up as 7:30 a.m., a live interview with mr. wax staff. we are waiting to hear back from u.s. airways. perhaps they're disappointed or perhaps they have no comment. we will have to wait and see. >> we will check back shortly. >> this is one of the hot topics on our facebook fan page. throughout the morning we have been discussing at the sagging pants issue. the majority of viewers is glad this is over and that marman can go on with his life. i have highlighted a couple of responses. here is what one viewer says.
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>> a live look at the bay bridge approach. we have some cloud cover. currently in oakland, 55 degrees warming to 60 degrees by lunch. 63 this afternoon. this is still well below where we should be. we should be in the '80s. this will be the weather pattern through
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the week. unseasonably cool, they area wide, particularly in land. a complete look at your forecasts and a little bit. >> 7:11 a.m.. ahrodney king has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. that happened in southern california where he was pulled over. officers pulled him over for several traffic violations. he is charged with the dui. his bail is set for 2005 hundred dollars. rodney king was beaten by four white police officers in 1991. that led to the devastating riots in los angeles. >> this is just into the kron 4 news room, federal reserve chairman says that high central bank is prepared to provide additional stimulus if the current economic low purses. he was delivering his economic report to congress live. he left
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three options that the central bank would consider. that the feds could launch another round of treasury bond buying. they could cut the interest paid to banks on reserves. encouraging them to lend more and the third option is being more explicit the plan on keeping rates at these record low levels. he maintains that these temporary factors have slowed the economy and should fade in the second half of the year >> august 2nd is when the u.s. government will run out of money. lawmakers are returning to the white house for another negotiating session. mitch mcconnell walked out on the negotiations two weeks ago has offered a backup plan and even offered a bill that would allow
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the president to raise the debt ceiling on his own without congressional approval. the plan ran into stiff opposition. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> we do not have any hot spots yet this morning. hhighway 8801, there is a big rig overturned. in terms of the commute, hot spot for you. but on the bay bridge, like traffic. pause the heaviest is here in the center lanes. the fastrak users. they will make that up on the other side of the toll plaza. there are no major backups or delays. incident free on the upper deck. the san mateo bridge, take a look. that hayeses' actually condensation on the camera lens. there is drizzled to contend with. remember, the metal
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expansion joints may be slippery. in san francisco, we noticed some slowing on the inbound central freeway. >> new details emerging about pg any and the victims of the deadly san bruno blast that killed eight people. pg&e in says its response it said the blast was not intended to hold the victims at fault in any way . the filing it indicates that
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pg&e wants to go to a jury trial to deal with lawsuits filed by dozens of victims. because the cause of the accident has yet to be determined, they are offering a general response to avoid delaying litigation. >> 812% tuition hike was approved for this coming fall on top of the approved 10 percent hike already in effect in the 23 campus system. in states students will pay almost $600 more per year to go to school. university administrators say the increase is necessary because the new state budget reduces funding pie more than 20 percent. right after they voted to increase tuition, they approved a $400,000 a year compensation package for the new president of san diego state university paying him $100,000 more than his predecessor. governor brown is criticizing the move saying, i fear your approach to compensation is setting a pattern for public
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service that we cannot afford. csu defended itself same university needs to provide competitive compensation to recruit and retain top administrators. the chairman says it will create a task force to review policies on selection and paying administrators. >> life keeps getting tougher to students at the university of california. tuition might be going up again because of state budget cuts. craig skalar has more on that. >> the university of california board of trustees was to raise tuition starting in the fall. the vote will be here on thursday. administrators say they have no choice but to vote for hikes because of thousands of cuts for higher education in the state budget. students say they will rally on different campuses allowearound the state. tuition hikes mean it would cost more than $1,000 extra a year for students. that is a 9.6%
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increase. one-third of the fees will be used for financial aid. tuition hikes come on top of an 8% increase already approved. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. one of the stories we're following out of washington, dr. phil mcgraw testifying right now before a senate judiciary committee on the violence against women act. >> we cannot have them all down. we have to focus on the power of prevention to schools and at home. we have to create curriculum to teach children that it is never okay to kill your hands on one another and anchor and as husbands and fathers we have to model this. on a final personal notice, this issue deeply hits home for me. i recently became a grandfather. i am going to brag and show my granddaughter, avery elizabeth.
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i came home one day after taping a show half
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a >> female dominated jury will decide the fate of roger clemens and his trial to see the light about using performance enhancing drugs. 10 women and two men make up the jury. opening arguments start today. by all accounts experts say that is what jurors listened to. prosecutors say that roger clemens lied under oath three years ago when he denied using steroids and human growth hormones when speaking with congress. clemens maintains he did not use drugs during a 24 season career that said several pitching records. >> net flics -- netflix has
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new pricing. you will pay separately for streaming video and for dvd is streaming is now $7.99 a month. $11.99 a month for two dvd is a month. $12.99 a month or blue the prices are effective immediately for new subscribers. >> a new pricing option. 7:28 a.m., you can hardly see a thing
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on the james lick. sluggish traffic. 101 south of your san francisco, we will be right back.
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>> more on whether coming up in a little bit. let's check on traffic. >> our trouble-free commute might be changing, a spa reported on the incline of the bridge. as we point the camera we can see the traffic appears to be moving pretty smoothly. things are slowing down heading up their ramps on the westbound ride. it has been a light back up. the rest of the bay area has been hot spot free for the community. not only is traffic running well on the bay bridge but also on the golden gate bridge, the san mateo bridge and for public transit as well. >> there are zipping up the
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case of the sagging pants, as it were. the passenger kicked off the plane because he would not pull of his sagging pans at sfo, last night the prosecution decided they are not going to charge ron deshon marman. he was confronted at sfo for refusing to pull of his pants. we have the youtube video of that flight from inside the plane where it ended up being a ruckus because it would not comply with what they're telling him to do. the office says they did not have enough evidence to prosecute him on criminal charges. here is what one passenger at sfo this morning had to say about this latest development. >> i do not see what the problem is. it is not like he had a weapon of anything. it is not a big deal to me. >> sagging pants, does it offend you or bother you? >> it does not bother me. it is the way he dresses, it doesn't bother me. it would not bother
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me at all if i saw him in the airport with sagging pants. >> there have been accusations that this was a racial issue because that white man dressed in women's clothing, that cross dresser was allowed to get onto several flights about a week or so before this entire sagging pants issue. this video on youtube went viral a few days after the sagging pants case because everyone was than focusing on, what can you wear? we're hoping to hear from the district attorney about this entire thing in to bring you an interview as soon as we have that. >> the eldorado county d.a.'s office is releasing video of convicted sex offender phillip garrido taking videos of children. the video also shows a parole agent searching garrido's home and never are discovering that jaycee lee dugard was living locked up in a shed in the backyard. dan kerman shows us these newly released tapes. >> in this video you see a state parole agent during
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the garrido home between 2000-to those of 7. jaycee lee dugard was held captive during this entire period. >> we have been sleeping in there. >> why is this door locked? >> can you move that and open the door? >> this video books to be filmed by nancy garrido who at one point quizzes the parole agents about what he can do for them. >> what does a parole agent do for his parolee? >> you can come into the office and we can discuss that at an appropriate time. i am searching and i need you to stay into this from room or i will have to place in restraints. >> the video concludes with a real into the agent coming in for the backyard with the agent apparently oblivious to the fact that jaycee lee dugard is being held captive back there. and a second of video, the garrido's are at a park. nancy f. advises phillip on where to point the
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camera so that he can see young children. in the third video, he tells his wife to appear to videotape him playing the guitar but tissue to pass it so that she can videotaped the young kids playing behind him. the eldorado county district attorney says that state parole agents visited the garrido home 60 time over 10 years but never once spotted dugard. mistakes like that is what the d.a. will be discussed at a meeting next month. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> 70 6:00 a.m., we have more news. the concord city council approved a daytime curfew for students. if students are caught out of school during the day, the first offense and they might get a warning, after that it will be fined from $100- five under dollars depending on the number of infractions and
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also a parent could be fined if he or she knows that their child is not in school. >> updated you on this story we first talked to you about, police say there have been three different explosions in the business capital of mom buy in india. all three blasts to place in crowded markets in the areas. initial reports say that dozens of people have been we will keep getting new information into the newsroom and bring that to you. we will take a break and be right back.
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>> we're looking in walnut
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creek, a slowdown on 680. more traffic in a minute.. a full tenure forecast coming up and a little bit. >> space shuttle atlantis are now focusing on a space station and stockpiling. this is the final space walk of the space shuttle era. a year's worth of food, clothing and other supplies, the crews are on loading the cargo carrier and they will fill that with space station trash and discarded equipment to return to earth next week. the 12 day mission is the last ever for the space shuttle. >> 741 a m, we are back with more than a couple of minutes. it look at the san mateo bridge. you need wipers' there because the fog is so sick. we will be right
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>> this case did not need to go to court.
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>> you say that this should not rise to the court, should this have made it to your desk? i >> once the arrest occurred, the police and sheriff's office support really decided to ask us to review the case. should the incident have ever occurred in the first place? clearly not. this is a circumstance as mr. marman has said in several interviews, i wish i had done a different way. i wish that it had never occurred. i wish that mr. marman did not have to spend a night when jail behind this. if there were common sense we would not have had this occurred. >> did the public of war over this have anything to do or weigh on you at all as a rookie of the case customer did you keep in mind the percentage of people who were for or against this? >> not relevant. we do not make our decisions as prosecutors based on that type of an outcry. ours is on a very simple level,
7:47 am
we think the crime occurred. should we be bringing it into a court and to have someone convicted? mr. marman does not need to have a criminal conviction on his record for this. >> does it make you think at all that maybe this airline dress code or lack there of or the way that it is a hazy his setting people up and causing more problems for you? do they need to define its better? >> i am going to leave that to the airlines. what i can tell you is, when you have a hazy policy and we have to convince a jury that there was some sort of crime, those did not go well together. remember what we were looking at, we were not looking at the dress code, we were looking at whether the airline appropriately ordered him off of the plane and whether the police appropriately dealt with him. it is no different than a restaurant when you see a sign on the door, no shoes, no shirt, no service. the big issue is, what is the way to resolve those
7:48 am
situations? the police tried for over an hour to convince mr. marman, was just quietly take care of this, get off the plane and get another flight. and that did not work out so they landed it on my desk. i am bringing it to a close. how >> times are tough, sagging pants is not a problem we want to spend money on. >> 100% correct. >> thank you, that was his attorney joining us this morning and putting to rest the case of the sagging pants at sfo. 74080 a m. >> onto bay area weather and traffic. let's find out more about the fall. >> this is a view of the golden gate bridge just moments ago. the fault is fairly thick. you can barely make out the south tower of the stand. there is drizzle of there as well. on the san mateo bridge, and damped is on the roadway. be prepared for that to collect on your windshield. below average
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temperatures again this afternoon getting up into the mid '70s. the fog returns once again this evening after clearing this afternoon to rebuild as you are sleeping overnight. here is where we expect to ever to be at 10:00 p.m.. oakland, the nimitz freeway down to highway 92, we will see fog at that point and then it will pull back to just san francisco and of the coastline of the north bay and peninsula. by 8:00 p.m. it will push its way back in wins and we go widespread with clout and fall by midnight. temperatures of this morning, we just updated the of numbers. this afternoon we will be well below where we should be.
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>> at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have had light traffic and we continue to get reports of a problem on the bridge. there may be another stall nearly five.
7:51 am
>> new details emerging with
7:52 am
pg&e and the victims of the deadly sandbur noblesse. pg&e is now saying that the court filing in response to lawsuits over the last is not intended to hold of the victims at fault in any way. pg&e didn't the language in the filing should have been more clear. the filing indicates that pg&e wants a jury trial to deal with lawsuits and because a cause of the accident has yet to be determined, the utilities is offering a general response to avoid delaying litigation. >> one of our facebook topics this morning discusses lawsuit filing and the hopes for in jury trial. your comments have been pouring in since 4:00 a.m.. it is not sitting well with most of them. here is what one viewer has to say. >> if you would like to join in
7:53 am
on our discussion, go to our facebook fan page and post a comment. >> the time is 7:52 a.m., an officer involved shooting at the civic center bart station more than one week ago, the police chief of the board has just announced that the suspects, a transient who was killed was armed with a bottle and at least two knives. hill was ordered to drop his weapon by bart police but instead police say he charged at an officer with both knives in hand and that is when the officer opened fire, killing him. in addition to bart police, san francisco police, the san francisco da office in the independent art auditor are reviewing this case. the time is 60 3:00 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from mt. tam.
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>> here is a view from our roof camera in san francisco. cloud cover and fog in the mix. in san jose we are seeing better conditions, clearer and
8:01 am
visibility. a low cloud cover but it is not that bad. most of the bay area is experiencing what we see in san jose. in the coastal communities are seeing all of the fall right now. everyone getting a good dose of drizzle. afternoon temperatures will be once again on the cool side, unseasonably cool. the warmer weather that we're keeping our eyes on is still on the horizon. we will have a complete look at your forecast today and into the weekend. >> traffic is still pretty good around most of the bay area. we have not retract any hot spots this morning. we have been looking at the right on 880 southbound into haber. it is still pretty clear despite the vehicle fire reported. at the bay bridge toll plaza was down the right is still very light despite problems on the upper deck. come another was reported at the top of the hour but is likely already gone. you can see
8:02 am
the end of the back of at the end of the east parking lot. >> new this morning, a case that spotlighted air travel dress code, cross dressing passengers and alleged racial profiling is now closed. late last night prosecutors in san mateo county said it will on go after the san francisco man, deshon marman, who was initially confronted on the airplane for wearing sagging pants, pulled off of the airplane and arrested. will tran is live at sfo. >> i was at sfo, we moved over to redwood city to speak with this imitate county district attorney, we have a live interview 10 minutes ago. he said he will not go after deshon marman simply because of jurors would not convict him. here is youtube video, this happened several weeks ago. we've learned new information, deshon marman according to district attorney stephen white staff was talk to for more than an hour by the flight crew as well as police
8:03 am
officers telling him, pulled up your pants, you can hop on the flight after this. apparently, there were some confrontations that took place. nonetheless, the district attorney's office said he could not get a conviction. we even asked him, what if you could get a conviction, would you go after him and he said, if i had my best investigator on the case i still would not go after him even if i thought i could win this simply because his personal opinion and sensibility said this was not worth going all the way. here is another video that happened after the deshon marman case, a man had been crisscrossing all over the country, he was a cross dresser. u.s. airways never confronted him about his attire despite many passengers complaining. that shuttle light on perhaps alleged racial profiling. he
8:04 am
said seeing this picture of this cross dresser confirmed what he thought about for weeks, the case is not worth going after. deshon marman is a good kid and a story he spends a night in jail, this should have never gotten to his desk, nonetheless it did and he makes the ultimate call. deshon marman can move on with his life. we are still waiting to hear back from u.s. airways. >> we want to show you new details on philip and nancy garrido. we have a new videotape that has just come out. the eldorado county release this video tape, this is home video being shot by his wife nancy at a playground. you can hear garrido in the tapes telling her to pan over so while the plays and sings people think
8:05 am
she's shooting him but he wants shots of the kids on the playground behind him. then, another videotape released where a state parole officers stopped by the couple in antioch, to do a search and the officer there, nancy is the one film in once again. this video was shot some time between 2000 and 2007. at this very time jaycee dugard was being held captive in a secret spot in their backyard, the agent finished the search without finding a thing. state parole agents visited at home more than 60 times in it 10 years before jaycee lee dugard and the two daughters were discovered. coming up next half- hour you will hear exurbs from this home video. >> other stories we're following, in a unanimous vote, the concord city council pubihah approved a daytime curfew. your
8:06 am
first offense during school hours, a warning. after that a find a ranging from $100-$500 depending on the number of infractions. parents could be fined as well if they know their child is out of school. >> new information on those three explosions that just went off in india is a business capital of mumbai. we are hearing that at least eight people are dead and 70 injured. we have a new video into the kron 4 newsroom of exactly what this scene is like. the car is shattered, there is panic in the area. the attack happened during the evening rush hour. all three blast took place in the crowded market areas including near the opera house in and near a train station used by millions of commuters. witnesses say they heard windowpanes shake and they could hear the spending boom of the blast. it is unclear who is responsible.
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>> by 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. the easily push of the fault goes a vague area wide by midnight. that is the way it is one to be. temperatures remain unseasonably cool. by 3:00 p.m. the low 70's become mid-70s. not a lot of 80 degree weather. mainly '60s and '70s around the bay. well below where we should be firm in july. here is where temperatures should be at 3:00 p.m.. in terms of where we will
8:09 am
see 70's, los gatos, morgan hill, antioch. those locations will see temperatures in the low-mid-70s. here is your 7 day around the bay. this weekend, in the areas will get warmer weather back into the 80s. no 90s until next tuesday. >> the commute is looking pretty well on the bay bridge toll plaza and around the bay in general. we have had a hot spot free morning although that might change quickly. let's start with our bridge check. the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see that westbound the ride is good. the right lane coming from 880 is only backed up to the open tolling in and year, we still have a very good traffic. it is only slow from the oakland over chorusing to the end of the east parking lot. your ride on the
8:10 am
san mateo bridge, you will have some drizzle to contend with as we do on our camera lens. no problems on the stand. -- span. your ride on the golden gate, drizzle and fog but a traffic delays. from marin county, a light right. i am going to show you walnut creek. there is report of a debris spilled leading from 6682 westbound 24. reports from the chp is that someone drops a house full of cement fence and traffic is starting to back up on the connector to of pleasant hill to highway 242 southbound. that could be our first hot spot of the morning. the time is 8:10 a.m.. we will take a quick break in the kron 4 news will be right back.
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>> next week's announced new res is in their rates. the new pricing takes effect in
8:14 am
september. >> rodney king arrested yesterday after being pulled over for several traffic violations and charged with dui. of course, you remember him after being beaten by four white police officers in 1991. that raised racial tensions and led to riots in las angeles. >> a female dominated jury is in place to begin hearing the evidence against baseball's roger clemens and whether he lied about using performance enhancing drugs. the newly seeded jury of 10 women and two men and is set to start by hearing the opening statements today. prosecutors say that
8:15 am
clemens lied under oath three years ago when he told congress that he did not use steroids or human growth hormones. he maintains he did not use the drugs during a 24 season career that set several pitching records. hon >> gary radnich right after the break.
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>> good morning gary. are you feeling ok? >> i have a kidney stone. i have had it for about seven- eight days. it won't leave. it could see in a lot of pain. >> it is not comfortable. >> there is nothing that makes me feel better that in talking to you. [laughter] >> i am glad you feel a little bit about arcane as women. -- as women. that is as close to giving childbirth as you will come. just remember, your kidneys stone is only this day. ab, a kidney stone. that is not
8:19 am
a 7 lb. baby. >> i thought six and a half of that is not right. r >> i was assuming you have been watching television, did you watch the all-star game? it was exciting. it was fun to see pablo at the end for good in for an injured player. paul logos in and brian wilson closing comedy like that? >> they are calling it could be some start a game. >> dear reader cannot be bothered, of course.
8:20 am
>> in the game has been pretty good to him. >> they should make uniform at all of the parts that there really is so high that you cannot lead over, just on the heels of that desk. >> the timing was horrible. this guy was an idiot. thank god for his friends. look at them holding him. i look at that and i say, what is the summer, leading for a ball and is valued at nothing or, the guy who gives the ball back to derek tweeted
8:21 am
that is valued at $250,000? he gives the bacteria cheater who is rich and the yankees. >> that was pretty charming. >> know what i thought customer and what would be charming pretty firm cheated to give the guy at least 100 brand which is not at least the price of the ball. >> he should have paid him off. >> the guy has to paid taxes on the $70,000 worth of tickets and memorabilia that he got. >> i bet you derek tudor steps forward >> that would be very smart. they gave him the chance, balls, jerseys and tickets, $70,000 worth of stuff. that amounts to hefty taxes. >> how about the irs making an exception her? i think he was a
8:22 am
starstruck. the yankees have a lot of money. derek yeutter has a lot of money. he loves baseball, give him a little. >> they should put up a intensive cents. -- 10 ft cents. god forbid if that guy did not have his buddies >> the soccer, usa and france, it is going to be exciting.
8:23 am
>> i am interested! i will have the radio on most definitely. >> maybe we can talk about that tomorrow. gary, take easy. >> i have been feeling lousy. but when i heard that george had kidney stones i was feeling better. >> the time is 823 a m, we will be right back.
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>> the oakland sparking commission is expected to make a determination on that dog parks. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> this is beside it was originally approved, it is in the lakeshore area. lake erie is behind me. it is a to laker area -- it is a 2 a. area. opponents of the dog park say that uses all the time for
8:27 am
soccer and volleyball. there is a playground over your. they say that this just is not the right area for a dog park. today they're going to go in front of the oakland park and recreation commission to say that there is a better site. they say that this is not the right spot. there is a farmer's market here. there are better ways to go. proponents of this site say this is a great place for kids. they say that they have worked long and hard to get a dog park site approved and now they should stick with it. there is only one dog park in the city of oakland on seventh street. people say that is just not enough. they're ready to move on with it this site. >> thanks for the update. >> the time is 827 a m, we are back with more in a couple of minutes. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it is a great out there. traffic is pretty great coming in from
8:28 am
marin county. we will be right back. hope
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8:30 am
>> the 20 9:00 a.m., a lot of luck at the james lick freeway. heavy fog. >> we are following the weather, take a look at the golden gate bridge. the fog is particularly heavy, you cannot even make help the south tower. currently 55 in san francisco warming to 57 by noon and only a couple of degrees more for the high this afternoon at 59. there is flawed and a low cloud cover that will cause a real problem in terms of trying to warm-up for the afternoon hours. it is causing a problem at sfo as well. just under to our arrival delays at the airport. more water in a minute. >> despite the number of incidents on the bay bridge this morning the commute is still not bad. as you can see at the top of the screen, the 880 is backed
8:31 am
up all but only in the right- hand lane. on the toll plaza flats is slow from about the 880 over crossing. there have been another our problems reported that the backup is not too big. >> the case that spotlighted air travel dress code, cross dressing passengers and alleged racial profiling is not closed. late last night prosecutors in san mateo said they will not charge deshon marman who was initially confronted on an airplane as a vote for refusing to pull up his sagging pants. marmon was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, battery on a police officer and obstruction after police say he refused to leave the flight on the captain's orders. we spoke to the san mateo county d.a. and he explained why he decided not to filed charges against marmon. >> the reason is, this is a case after my review and reading the reports, i decided it does not need to go into the courtroom. it does not rise to that level. a jury from san
8:32 am
mateo county is going to want to convict this man, instead they will say, spend our precious resources on other cases. this one does not need to go to court. once the arrest occurred, the police and sheriff's office apparently decided to ask us to review the case. should the incident have ever occurred in the first place? clearly not. this was one of those circumstances as mr. marman has said in several interviews, i wish i had handled things a different way. i wish it had never occurred also. i wish mr. marmon did not have to spend a night in jail on this. i think if there were a little common sense we would not have had this occurred. >> you may remember a couple of days after that incident, this video showed up of a man and dressed in women's lingerie, when tobira. he has never been stopped by security for his attire and the man says he regularly flies. >> other stories we are following, the eldorado county d.a.'s office is releasing video
8:33 am
of convicted sex offender phillip garrido taking videos of children. this tape shows a parole agent searching his home. the parole agents never discovered that jaycee lee dugard was of the backyard of the home. dan kerman shows us of these newly released videos. >> in this video you see a state parole agent when the garrido home sometime between it 2000-2007. jaycee lee dugard was held captive by garrido during the entire period. >> is this door locked? >> can you move that and open the door? >> the video books to have been filmed by nancy garrido who at one point was the parole agents about what he can do for them. >> what does a parole agent do for his prole? >> you can come to the office and we can discuss that at an appropriate time. i am doing a search. i need you to stay in
8:34 am
this fun room so that i do not have to please you and restraints. >> the video concludes with garrido and the agent coming in from the backyard with the agent oblivious to the fact that jaycee lee dugard is being held captive back there. in the second in video, they appear to be at a park. nancy garrido advises phillip on where to point the camera so that he can see young children. in the third children, he appears to videotape himself playing the guitar but tells nancy to she passed him so that she can videotape to young kids playing behind him. >> parole agents visited the garrido home 60 time in over 10 years but never once thought a dugard. mistakes like that is with the d.a. will be discussing at a meeting next month. dan
8:35 am
kerman, kron 4 news. >> do not skip school in concord. in a unanimous vote late last night the concord city council approved a new daytime curfew for students. the first offense if your child is cause skipping school during the day, they get a warning. after that it could mean fines ranging from $100-$500 depending on the number of infractions. the parents are also on the hook if he or she knows that the child is not in school. >> new information into the kron 4 news room, three explosions went off in mumbai. we are hearing that at least 10 people are dead and 54 injured. here is a video that we have been showing you of the scene. you can see that all free glass took place near a crowded market in the middle of the evening rush hour. there is a car there with its windshield smashed. there are a lot of people standing around in a heavy police presence. in the area where this attack happens, one of them was near an opera house. the other was near a train
8:36 am
station used by millions of commuters. witnesses are saying they heard a level that thundering boom. it is unclear who is responsible. back into thousand eight mumbai was the target of on to pakistan the militants. in that attack 164 people were dead. we will continue to fall this or for everyone this morning and bring you the latest >> all eyes on bay area weather. we're really foggy out there this morning. more on the forecast with james fletcher. >> here is a live look at of san jose. we have a mix of things to talk about. low cloud cover in a breaks of blue skies. here is where temperatures are at the moment. ease of the oakland hills is starting to warm up. they're getting more sunshine right now. but san francisco is around
8:37 am
55 as is oakland. by 10:00 a.m. the fall will start to pull back a little bit. by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon oakland and those communities along the nimitz will finally start to see sunshine warming up just a little bit and then the fog rolls back in.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> administrators say they may have no choice but to vote hot for tuition hikes because of budget cuts. that means it would
8:44 am
cost students more than $1,000 additional a year. that is a 9.6% increase. one-third of the fees will be used for financial aid. the tuition hikes, the top of an 8% increase already in place. >> 8:44 a.m.. we are back with more than a couple of minutes. we never raise our rates. you like that?
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> a rebound on wall street. burnett key testifying in front of congress saying a third
8:48 am
stimulus program could be in the works if we do not come out of the soft pass in the economy. the dow is up 133 points. six >> the case of the sagging pants is over, the district attorney has decided not to file charges. they have decided not charges will be filed against deshon marman, the san francisco man initially confronted trying to get on an airplane in san francisco wearing sagging pants. he refused to pull them up and was arrested for his reaction to what the flight attendants and crew were telling them to do. that is the end of the case. the prosecutor went on to say he should not have even served a day in jail. >> we have been monitoring this hot topic on our facebook fan page discussing the sagging pants into the majority of viewers is live this is over. we
8:49 am
have highlighted a couple of responses. one person had this to say. ft >> if you would like to partake -- if you like to participate in our facebook discussion, go to our facebook fan page, like us and post your comments. >> ball the and chilly temperatures. james fletcher has more. >> here is a look at walnut creek. conditions are getting better and better in the east bay. mild overcast conditions but we are expecting cloud cover to break away fairly soon. currently one accrete is about 58 or 59 degrees. that is a bit warmer than this time yesterday.
8:50 am
the map shows you how much warmer we are in 24 hours ago. navato, four degrees warmer, mountain view, concord, 3 degrees warmer. we're starting off on a better note. temperatures are mid-50s in san francisco and oakland. 61 in livermore. 61 and los gatos. we are gradually warming up. the east bay is the first place to see if your club cover and fog is beginning to pull back. the peninsula, the north coast and the eastern shore will still be dealing with cloud cover that will pull back by 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. giving those communities a little sunshine before it comes roaring back in this evening and into the overnight hours becoming widespread once more. temptress afternoon looks something like this. '50s and '60s around the water. inland in the low 70's. by 3:00 p.m. the warmest time of day, we will see mid-70s in the north bay and in the delta. saturday and sunday
8:51 am
we will begin to warm up. inland into the 80s and 90s possibly by tuesday of next week. 8:51 a.m.. good morning. " >> i keep returning to walnut creek. it has sort of been a hot spot. hm the commuter woman
8:52 am
creek is turning into something of a mess. living green delays on 6 at&t danville. the back of reaches as far south as a sycamore valley road. a quick bridge check. on the bay bridge no backups or delays. on the san mateo bridge, it is an easy ride in both directions. on the golden gate bridge, a pretty smooth commute from marin county. the worst is the fog and drizzle as you had across the span. 852 a m. kron 4 morning news is with you until 11:00 a.m. excuse me, 10:00 a.m.. we
8:53 am
will be right back with more.
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9:01 am
and all walnut creek commute is hot spot today still have
9:02 am
the coming out of concord it is also a mess on city streets also i will have more and a complete traffic check in a few minutes >> it was a case that captured the nation about what we wear when we fly on an airline. late last night prosecutors in san jose cominunty are not quite prosecute this case. it started a lot occurred traverse the after he was arrested. he refused to leave the u.s. air ways
9:03 am
flight on capt. orders. >> this is the case after i review did it does not need to go into the courtroom does not rise to that level durin. spend our resources on other cases it it this case does not warranted. what should the incident have ever occurred in the first place? truly not. mr. merman even expressed he had wished he had handled a different way. if there was more common sense this would not
9:04 am
have occurred. >> then this video showed up on about amanda cross dresses and flies on u.s. air ways all the time. he is wearing a ladies' underwear he flies u.s. air ways or regularly. >> nor details coming out of the legal case. he pled guilty in the abduction of jaycee dugard these are home videos and taken between 1989 and 1994 the home video shows him being videotaped and him instructing his wife
9:05 am
to videotape the children playing in the background. at another home video that was released in nancy google ido filming of the parole officer going through of search of there on. this shot was taken between 2000 and 2007 the agent completed the search without finding anything. parole officers visited .com at least 60 times and never found jaycee on the property. >> the blast there was a coordinated attack on terrace. at least 17 people
9:06 am
are dead and 81 people are injured this is video of it just came into the kron 4 newsroom windshields smashed these attacks all happen is the rush hour and a very crowded part of town. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. we're continuing to monitor this situation. >> we will be back end of
9:07 am
few minutes and now of kids cannot skip school in concord. and the fog you can see is really pressing down we will be back in just one moment
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
a live look up palms brings her this morning the remains of betty ford leaving and going to the airport this morning. she is going to grant redbirds michigan to their final resting place. other stories we are watching concord city council approved a daytime curfew for school students.
9:11 am
if a student is caught out of school during school hours the first time will be a warning to the second time good be fined and also the parents could be fined. >> this is look of your seven day forecast we are going address: n and fog. we will have the full forecast coming up. @p@po'
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
oakland park officials aren't going to decide on a dog park area. >> there's to acres of open space and the commission is going to approve this for a dog bark. upon as a this is not a place for a dog parks at a farmers' market, a children's playroom ground. they're going to go in front of the oakland advisory commission and say there are better locations for a dog park. there's only one dog park in the city of oakland and that is on seventh street pier i.
9:16 am
>> guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. >> not the best day to watch your dog. >> this is a look of san francisco and we are socked in right now the usual weather pattern and it will continue into friday as well. temperatures in the mid-50s and oak warming up to below six days. we're
9:17 am
going to keep that fog all around the rest of the day. watch as it builds back in again in the evening ouhour. upper 60s lows '70s expected as the highest for later on this afternoon. we'll be talking about the fog and drizzle and possible win for the next few days. this is look of your seven day forecast and we will start
9:18 am
warming up on saturday. >> we're still behind schedule in walnut creek on 680 south bound. just sluggish conditions. as we check our bridges great condition at the toll plaza. it has been an easy ride for the bay bridge. san mateo bridge is now drawing on the bridge. and your ride to the
9:19 am
golden gate bridge. it is still shrouded in fog. it is slow in the northbound direction before the guadalupe parkway. no big problems. >> lawmakers in washington u.s. airports are not secure enough. they have sustained 25,000 of breaches. one representative from utah said they are stunningly high another one said it is
9:20 am
only a fraction of 1% from 5 billion people screamed. >> the latest space walk and the last space walk. they are delivering a year's worth of food and clothing to the international space station. they are going to fly back with that trash and discarded equipment. we'll be back as the kron 4 morning news continues and a check on the market's and also trying to beat the and how this summer he is creating chaos throughout the country. we'll be right
9:21 am
backpack yñsñkékékióç]s]s
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9:23 am
9:24 am
a new stimulus plan could be in the works. with that news the dow is up 151 points. nasdaq is up 41. new details on the increase in tuition they approved a 12% increase and this is on
9:25 am
top of the 10% increase they are already have approved. students will have to pay at least $600 more per year. >> the new president of the university received an increase of $500,000 this is response from the governor brown's response. we take a closer look at the university of california increases in just a minute.
9:26 am
a little sunshine out there right now. and also with the airport people's reaction to the same knee pads saw
9:27 am
9:28 am
time right now is 9:28 a.m. we still have a little better drizzle of theiout there. into the afternoon low average temperatures. we
9:29 am
will have a mournful forecast, not >> and a look at the bay bridges now back up or delays and we are not tracking any hotspots. >> a case that spotlighted air travel. late last night prosecutors said they are not going to prosecute that this emphasis gell-mann and that was confronted on a u.s. air ways of flight. >> the reason they are not going after dijon mormon he says the jurors would not in fixed-income this is just a waste of time. this is video we receive on you to and this is what trap plays on the plane. a couple of crew
9:30 am
members said he needed to pull up his pants he refused to this than the police were called in. i ask him why he dropped the case? >> there was no physical confrontation. the other person that says what about making what started double thing was something the public would say all c'mon
9:31 am
we went phylon that person either just because an officer is involved. officers were just doing their job. >> he gave a merman all little bit more rapidly waleway >> the also said he would not go after merman because he didn't think he would get a conviction. it is my own
9:32 am
personal discretion he said. >> the eldorado d.a.'s office released a video of a convicted sex offender and also video of couple agent searching his compass this video's were taken all whole time jaycee dugard was being confined. >> you see as the april officer going through the on between 2000 and 2007 she was being held captive ball time the film looks like it was debt taken by nancy
9:33 am
guido. this is another video that was released he is telling his wife were appointed camera so that he could see the children playing in the background. the eldorado
9:34 am
district attorney's office said the parole officers and visited, over 60 times. it is a mistake like that that they will be discussing >> these that in news on the attacks in mom by india three explosions went off all at the same time the death toll is now at 17 with 81 injured. we have video of the attack. this is a car with the windshield smashed it was happened during rush hour in a crowded part of the city. it is not sure who
9:35 am
is responsible for this attack. we will continue to monitor this situation you could also go door web page. >> we'll i have more in a couple of minutes we will look at whether and traffic this wednesday morning at the bay bridge there is a little bit of light but not too bad the fog is starting to lift sales little we'll be right back
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
time now 9:38 a.m. we'll see a lot of cloud cover today. there are also
9:39 am
reports that it feels like all light rain up in concord. we will see the cloud cover into a san francisco as we head into the evening a dollars the fog will be more widespread. and we will have the details when you can expect a warm temperatures to come back. >> the university of california is meeting for increases in tuition. the university of california board of regents are
9:40 am
addressing the possible increases in tuition. university police station here are in place. protesters are expected to appear. administrators said they might not have any choice but to vote for an increase. this is a 9.6% increase. >> time now 9:40 a.m. warm temperatures across the
9:41 am
country and we will look at the problems the is causing. this is a shot of the james lick and we will be right back
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
a danger is the way is to gripping most of the nation the southeast will be in the upper 90s and you know the old trick of trying the eight on the sidewalk. >> yes it is hot enough to fry an egg it is so hot it even bobbled this road and made this water main lost this through the sidewalk. it has been over a hundred degrees for the past 18 days. a power outage in
9:45 am
which a ptolemaic escaping the heat impossible. that drop has cup dried up grass that cows eat. cotton and other crops are not fearing well either. the offer may well run dry in texas. grain elevators stand empty. main street resembles a ghost town. it is so hot and dry the lake is slowly disappearing. it is less of
9:46 am
hundred inches just from evaporation. the index in mississippi could soar to 160 degrees. >> records were set in a new york and long island. >> it is chilly out there >> the fog is still in place it is cool this morning especially in the inland spots. overnight the fog will return. bar even some reports of light rain. right
9:47 am
now your temperatures are in the '50s and '60s. during evening hours we will have a mixture of '60s and '70s. this is a look of your afternoon highs around the bay area. it will be a fulcool
9:48 am
forecast for you are around the coast. this is look of your seven day forecast it will start to warm up on saturday with the possibility of seeing temperatures into the 90 later on in the week. >> if yours is a late morning writing you all have great conditions no hot spots or delays. and your
9:49 am
trip to the san mateo bridge pahang it is dry and drizzle freeing that is not the case at the golden gate bridge you'll be driving through the fog no delays across the span. it was all hotspot earlier in walnut creek 680 right side your screen is a southbound direction. it is move that going in both directions. >> new details of from pg&e is now saying the court filing to the response to the glossy ads were not intended told the victim is
9:50 am
responsible. the language in the filing should have been clearer. they are requesting a jury trial because they cause has not been determined as of yet. >> we have been discussing this topic on our fan page. there's a viewer comments have been pouring in this is some of three marks.
9:51 am
if you wanna join in on the discussion just go our facebook page in join in. >> the police chief of can iranian said that the hon less mad at a bottle on at least two knives he charged one of the officers with a knife and the other officer opened fire. the san francisco d.a. office are all reviewing the issue. >> the family of the missing nursing student will be passing out fliers once again in the east bay area. their reward is now up to $100,000 for her safe return she disappeared 47 days ago. hayward police
9:52 am
have classified her disappearance has all homicide >> more pictures out of palm springs and the body up before being flown out of palms transpired. there was a funeral service that took place yesterday friends and family demoralizes our she died on friday at the age of 93. >> of an infamous with his or runyon's with police, rodney king was arrested for the light. he committed several traffic violation. you remember king and his beating then happened in 1991 and started racial riots.
9:53 am
>> we will be back in just a few minutes and we have some program changing is coming up on a friday starting at 8 is the season finale of sad it friday night lights and 930 we will have a dateline with the kron news at 11 and after the news and you can't watch homolka we will be back in just amend have you called to switch us to anthem yet? honey, how can i call now,
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9:56 am
this is the casket of belfort opposite being it is being bored on the plane she will be laid to rest next to president ford. other stories we're wall street is
9:57 am
a big day and abernathy is testifying in front of congress and that made of the market soar. >> this is look of the seven day forecast we will have fog and wind and drizzle tomorrow and then it will start on the weekend. then next week it looks all little bit warmer more like a summer. >> thanks for joining us stay tune for dr.phil he is coming right up.
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